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Solar Project for Vanvasi Kalyan Ashramshala…. Part 1

It all started way back in 2017 when in a small discussion with Rahul we thought of contributing for a cause through our own efforts and in a manner which will bring in recurring financial benefits to an establishment such as a school.

Such a known school was at Uttekhol, Mangaon District Raigad of Maharashtra. This is run by Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, where about 400 students stay in and learn through classical schooling classes + skills training laboratories. Most of the students are from Katkari and Adivasi, Thakur families in Kokan region.

The school requires funds for many types of expenses and one of them is electricity bill of around 100000 INR per year from over 7 different electric consumer connections / meters provided by MSEDCL. This led us to propose a solar grid tie netmetering installation for the school.

And that is is how it all started….

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