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Pulse oximeter

An informative video explains about importance of oxygen level in blood as a percentage of saturation level.

Recommended oxygen level is 94+ percent. And rather than instantaneous value the trend over a few days would be more indicative of any cause of concern.

Video duration 10+ minutes.

थोडक्यात महत्वाचे
कोरोना झालेल्या बऱ्याच पेशंटचे रक्तातले ऑक्सीजनचे प्रमाण सातत्याने कमी होत राहते आणि श्वास घ्यायला मात्र त्रास होत नाही

साध्या न्यूमोनियामध्ये श्वास घ्यायला लवकर त्रास सुरू होतो, त्यामुळे पेशंट लगेचच आपणहून डॉक्टरकडे जातो.

कोरोना मध्ये मात्र अशी काहीही लक्षणे न दिसता ऑक्‍सिजनचे प्रमाण कमी कमी होत राहते, म्हणूनच बऱ्याच केसेस मध्ये अचानक इमर्जन्सी उद्भवू शकते

यावर आपण घरच्या घरी करू शकू असा उपाय म्हणजे – साधे पल्स ऑक्सीमीटर हे यंत्र वापरून आपल्या रक्तातली ऑक्सिजनची पातळी मोजत राहणे

आता आपल्याकडे दोन पर्याय आहेत
एकतर रीतसर ऑक्सीमीटर इन्स्ट्रुमेंट घेऊन येणे किंवा काही निवडक फोन मॉडेल साठी फक्त एक ॲप इन्स्टॉल करून फोनचा कॅमेरा आणि/ किंवा एलईडी सेन्सर वापरून थोडी कमी अचुकता असलेले रीडींग घ्यायचे.

The app in the link below seems to be only for iPhone, does not show up on my phone playstore (must be due to incompatibility with my Redmi note4)

Requesting all iPhone users to try this app and be informed about oxygen levels of your own and your near and dear ones. Someone reported that Apple stopped supporting such apps.

Also there are some Samsung specific apps.

A request to readers to please report any and all who can or cannot use this or any similar app.

मी गुगल प्ले स्टोअर मध्ये काही ॲप पाहिली
माझ्या फोनला सेंसर शिवाय चालू शकेल असे ॲप सापडले नाही

So then I decided to purchase one such pulse oximeter from Bafna Surgicals near Louis wadi Thane.

It is from a brand named ChoiceMMed and costed me 2500 INR. Works on 2 pencil cell batteties and displays pulse rate per minute and oxygen level in percent.

Opinion of doctors also taken, as per them it’s good to self check anyways.

The first link of the video was shared by my school group friends and also mentioned about experience with such an instrument and about app based measurements taken.

Good to share such information in the current panic pandemic, and the instrument if available at hand can be used to help people in your locality to self check themselves.

It would be good to insist that the person must wash hands with soap before using the instrument.